5 Best Power Bank (Portable Chargers, 2023)

A Power bank or Portable Charger is an alternate name for a portable and rechargeable battery for mobile phones and tablets. The best power bank charges mobile phones like a common battery charger with the plug-and-play method efficiently. 

The best power bank helps to enhance the performance of devices and improve the mobility of a user. Additionally, it tells us the status of the battery and itself through proper readings on the LCD screen.

What is the best power bank?

With the advances in technology, the market provides us with numerous options to choose among good power banks.  However, there are a few factors that make a power bank the best power bank. Ranging from current rating to durability, all these factors will be discussed briefly.

So stay with us…

Why should we be cautioned about picking a power bank?

Unfortunately, shops are flooded with low-grade products nowadays and there is no exception in the case of power banks. Upon many requests from users, we took a step to enlight you with our experience to pick the best power bank among the top options.

Hence, you are reading this blog to make some good choices.

Factors that make the best power bank

A good power bank will help you to properly enhance the duration of function of your device. Once you get your hands on the best power bank, you will be free for adventures, jobs, or other needs. 

It must be noted that Anker 347 (Amazon link) is widely considered one of the best power banks. Along with its high power and capacity, the power bank is durable and sustainable. It is conveniently easy to carry and consists of different ports for connectivity

However, there are other emerging brands with very impressive power banks. Before picking our 5 best power banks, let’s discuss the parameters of a good power bank.

Capacity (mAh)

A high-capacity power bank provides more charge to the device. This is a crucial parameter for a power bank. 

This rating is widely seen in batteries. In truth, the power bank is also a battery. It is only multiplied with other functions to make smartness in charging.

Output ports

Always keep checking the number and type of output ports. Many output ports allow us to charge many devices at the same time.

The type of port is also a bone of contention among different companies. Type A port is widely used but some companies still rely on Type C.

Output Current

The output current of a power bank is responsible for the time a device takes to fully charge. Generally, 2-3Amp of output current is considered sufficient for mobile phone chargers.

Thus we must take this factor into consideration before buying one.

Input Charging Speed

This factor is also crucial. We must observe the speed of a power bank while charging itself. The less time it takes, the more good is the power bank.

Weight and Size

The dimensions of a power bank depend on the user. We must reckon the weight and size according to our required portability. 

Again, we want a power bank for the sake of portability. Thus this point is also important and cannot be ignored.

Additional Functions

Warranty, price, wireless charging, and pass-through charging are also some factors to count on. It depends on the choice of users to pick a good deal.

By keeping all these factors in mind, let’s delve into our list of best power banks.

Top 5 best power banks

Anker 347 Power Bank

The Anker is a famous brand in the field of power banks. They have designed various power banks. Here, we choose the Anker 347 Power bank which is the best and all-purpose power bank.

Let’s go through some of its distinguishing features.

best Power bank

Salient Features:

  • When it comes to capacity, Anker 347 has a capacity of 40,000mAh. For a simpleton, it is a very huge amount.
  • It takes about 30min to charge an iPhone half. 
  • The number of ports is four (2 Type A and 2 Type C) 
  • This model is effective for a variety of devices(Laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.).
  • The product is durable enough for smooth use.

Summing up, Anker 347 (Amazon link) is one of the best power banks in the market. It is simple, light, and portable for dedicated use. Besides all the qualities of a good power bank, it is provided with a warranty of 18 months. Moreover, the price is reasonable.

Anker 313 Power Bank

It is the compressed model of the Anker 347. Although, this model is more portable than the Anker 347. 

However, features are slightly changed as the basic target of this power bank is smartphones and tablets. 

Let’s find out what is special about this model.

best power bank

Salient Features:

  • The capacity of this model is 10,000mAh, ideal for smartphones and tablets.
  • The power of the device is 12W, good enough for common use.
  • This model is slim and light. We can easily put it in a pocket
  • Overcharge and short circuit protection are installed.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Samsung smartphones.

Keeping the above feature in view, Anker 313 (Amazon link) is an excellent portable power bank. It is smart and slime with the lowest possible price with the same features. 

A large number of people use this power bank and find it very effective.

Belkin Portable Charger

The Belkin has a reputation for good products in the field of electronics. Their products are trusted and tested. 

Commonly, the Belkin Portable Charger is known for its endurance in harsh conditions. It protects itself and the charging device from overcharging and power surge. This protective nature makes it one of the best power banks.

best portable charger

Salient Features:

  • One USB C and 2 USB A ports are available.
  • The capacity of 20,000 mAh helps us to improve our portability.
  • It provides 15W of power to a device.
  • Additionally, a 6-inch cable is also provided for USB A to USB C conversion.
  • This model can easily be fit in pockets.

As far as portability is concerned, the Belkin portable charger(Amazon link) is considered a good portable charger. It is safe, smart, and light enough to carry in pockets.

 The overhearing safety has also been installed to save a device from damage during charging.


Although the brand is new, its products have a positive impact on the field of electronics. 

This model of the power bank is portable and has a large capacity to store charge. It takes from 6 to 8 hours to recharge. Moreover,  it allows a charge-through facility.

best power bank

Salient features:

  • The capacity of the power bank is 40,000 mAh. Which is quite a promising value. 
  • It takes 25min to charge half of the phone (3 times faster)
  • This power bank provides 10W of power. 
  • Along with 2 USB ports, there is a Type C port. Hence charges 3 devices at a time.  
  • LED display shows reading clearly.
  • Overheating, overcharging, and power surge protection are installed

Regardless of being a new brand, LOVELEDI Power Bank (Amazon link) surpassed most of its competitors. 

Smartness and protection are the key factors of this model. It was designed to address the problem of protection of devices. We are confident to say that it fulfilled its claim of protection.

Xiaomi Mi Redmi Power Bank

This power bank is best for the purpose of fast charging. It charges devices with good speed. Combining the protection against overcharging, it made a very good and low-budget product.

Let’s study what else it has for us.

best power bank

Salient features:

  • A high capacity of 20000 mAh is enough for our use.
  • The power rating is 18W which provides more current
  • Provided with 2 USB A and 1 USB C port. 
  • Likewise, it protects devices from overcharging, heating, and power surge.
  • The model is durable in normal conditions and sustains a long life. 

Without any doubt, Xiaomi Mi Redmi Power Bank (Amazon link) is an effective power bank. It is durable, fast, and sustainable. Moreover, it is available in the market at a reasonable price. 

These five are our best-selected power banks. We have categorized it on the basis of the above factors. 

Now it’s up to you to choose a good power bank. 


Summing up our discussion, a good power bank will have the following qualities that we count on:

  • High Capacity (mAh)
  • Many Output ports
  • Maximum Output Current
  • Fast Input Charging Speed
  • Light Weight and small Size
  • And additional Functions

Upon judging these factors Anker 347 (Amazon link) suit best our needs. Longevity and durability are some of its key qualities. Along with these, the rating of the model is quite promising. Besides, the name Anker is enough for our satisfaction as the brand produces some good power banks. Moreover, the price is quite reasonable for such a product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the capacity of a power bank?

The amount of energy a power bank can store is indicated by its capacity, which is expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh). It shows how many times a gadget may be charged by the power bank before it needs to be recharged.

Question: Can I charge multiple devices simultaneously with a power bank?

Yes, many power banks have numerous output connections, enabling you to simultaneously charge a number of gadgets. Just be sure to verify that the total output current is adequate for all devices.

Question: How long does it take to charge a power bank?

The capacity of a power bank and the input charging speed determine how long it takes to charge. Fast charging is supported by several power banks, which can drastically cut down on charging time. A power bank may require several hours to charge completely on average.

Question: Are power banks safe to use with all devices?

Power banks may generally be used safely with a variety of gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and more. To prevent any harm, it’s crucial to confirm that the power bank’s voltage and current levels are appropriate for the item you’re charging.

Question: Can I bring a power bank on an airplane?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a power bank on a flight, however, there are limits on how large they can be. Most airlines permit carry-on luggage to contain power banks with a capacity of up to 100Wh (watt-hours) or 27,000mAh. Higher capacity power banks may need to be reported or packed in checked baggage.

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